About SmartMeter.dk

In 2013, Denmark signed a law requiring everybody to get a smart meter by 2020. This is way in excess of the EU requirement, which made 2020 only a “guideline” and one that most EU countries will not hit, such is the resistance to them. The resistance has many genuine reasons :-

  1. Despite the claims, they don’t save money. Many users report higher bills after switching.
  2. Wifi sensititivity. More and more people are reporting disrupted sleep patterns, or worse. The symptoms seem to be worse, the more wifi devices they are exposed to.
  3. Fears over radiation. With some justification too, since 2011, even the World Health Organisation has had wifi radiation of this type on their list as a class 2 carcinogen.

In 2016, the first letter with an appointment to install a smart meter arrived. Like you, I was quite naive about what they were coming to do, as the letter claimed only an upgrade to the current meter. In reality, of course, it’s much more sinister than that. The fact that they try to hide what they are really doing in this way should also raise alarm bells. Since that time, I’ve contacted the electrical supplier and government agencies to find out exactly what is going on. This website details some of the information gained and has also led down some interesting little rabbit holes, like :-

  1. Parliament admitting the whole thing was signed into law by one single politician, without any debate
  2. The politican himself admitting no research was ever done into the safety of smart meters before he signed this into law
  3. daily unannounced visits by the electricity supplier to try and gain access to upgrade the meter

All in all, there is plenty to investigate and ponder here. Like why are they so keen to get everyone onto this system? Is it really just to assist with energy efficiency or is something altogether darker in the offing?

If you’re still in doubt, think about this. Especially as you walk around any town or city in Denmark. Every single property you walk past is pulsing out radiation from at least 2 smart meter devices (electricity and water). It passes by and through you. 10 years ago, none of this radiation even existed. Don’t you think that at least someone should be looking out for us all to ensure that this radiation can do no possible harm? Or did you actually think that someone, somewhere is? If so, you are wrong.